…And the Art of Blog Maintenence

So. Here we are again, blog. I’ve battled you several times before, and you’ve always beaten me. Oh, I put up a good fight every time, but somehow, I always end up sidetracked by life…the exact stuff I should be blogging about, I know. But yeah. Not this time.

Starting a blog is a lot like buying a first house, I think. For the first little while, you’re having all sorts of fun, stretching your legs after being cooped up in one bedroom apartments for years, painting walls, placing furniture in new and exciting arrangements, and even doing the yard work. But then, once the novelty wears off and you’re left with things like clogged drains and a/c filters to replace, it starts to feel less like an adventure in home ownership and more like *gasp* work.

Anyway, welcome to the new place. No housewarming gifts necessary, just give me a gentle kick in the ass when you see weeds start to pop up in the flower beds ;)

So, how do you stay motivated to keep your blog maintained? I’d appreciate suggestions!

5 thoughts on “…And the Art of Blog Maintenence

  1. Wish you the best … do not know anything about blogging. Did not like “like a fat kid likes cake” comment … you write better than that. your Aunt

  2. Sanity, I’m attempting to stay motivated by doing two themed posts per week: Music Monday and Write Something Wednesday. Other than that, I’m not sure how to keep things going! I have a couple of posts written up and scheduled, and am aiming for one non-theme day post per week.

  3. Just write whatever comes into your mind,
    or failing that think of a subject, anything and
    write a 5,000 word synopsis, say on the subject
    of Wellington or Frankenstein’s Monster, that
    usually works for me :) Okay 5,000 is a bit too
    lengthy, so perhaps a 250 word on the theme
    of Pancake Making in the Raw or something of
    a similar nature will suffice :)

    BTW – I am just kidding you know but being that
    this is my first visit to your Space I figured that you
    needed to know that I am a tad crackers at times :)

    Of course… You are welcome to step inside
    My Gothic Realm but you will need to rattle the
    gates as my Space is Private :)

    I hope to see you soon my friend and if not, then
    enjoy the remainder of your holiday and be well :)


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