Write Something Wednesday

Thought it would be a good excersize in accountability (as well as well…writing) to commit to writing something, anything, each and every Wednesday to post. It could be a few sentences or several hundred words, part of a larger WIP or a standalone tidbit, but my goal is to create a new piece of fiction each and every week.

Please keep in mind that these will only be self edited, so they may not be perfect, or even cohesive. the point is not to crank out textbook examples of flash fiction or short stories. There may not be a discernible plot, antagonist, conflict, stakes, etc. Sometimes I will use them to mess around with a new idea for a novel length project. Sometimes I won’t be in the mood at all and will write two sentences.

Anyway, I hope that you get some enjoyment or inspiration out of reading, and please don’t let me slack on this. The craft of writing is the most important part of this blog, and what I’d most like to improve from doing it, so feel free to bug the hell out of me each and every week to make sure I’m working on the Wednesday entry, in particular!

And now, on to the very first Write Something Wednesday post! This is an experiment in writing in second person for a story idea in it’s “brewing” phase. I’m choosing not to explain any further for now, but maybe you’ll see it in the WIP tab in the sidebar at some point with more info. Enjoy :)

You all have greatness in you. It takes different forms, tucked away deep in the grayish folds of brain, just waiting to be discovered, coaxed out, and shouted from the rooftops. Sometimes it’s something obvious and flashy, like a legendary songstress with a million dollar voice, handed a microphone for the very first time. Other times, it’s a reserved, quiet and unassuming sort of talent, like a mathematician arranging numbers and equations on a blackboard as if they were colors on a canvas. But it’s all extraordinary. And it’s all there in you.

It’s that tingle of an idea you feel every so often, right as your mind is dropping off to sleep. It’s that pull you feel every time you encounter a piano, though you may never have played a day in your life. It’s that spark, that flicker, that split second of inspiration. For most, that’s all it will ever amount to. But you…you have been chosen. You are my charge. And you will live your greatness.

3 thoughts on “Write Something Wednesday

  1. Well those last few lines had me hooked already, so you’re doing something right!

    I just experimented with second person for the first time in a story as well. It’s a framed narrative, with the frame in second. It’s fun to play around with!

    Good luck and keep at it. :)

  2. I actually have TWO very shiny new ideas that are fthniigg for the top spot on my writing to-do list. One is a paranormal romance, which is what I normally gravitate toward but am getting a little tired of (gasp!…how is that possible?) and a contemporary romance which is very far out of my comfort zone but is very intriquing to me. I still haven’t made a decision as to which to focus on more yet…ah well :)

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