Write Something Wednesday

Just some last minute blabbering…

I tried not to breathe. The crunching of dry leaves under their crude feet would disguise any noise I might inadvertently make, logic told me, but my throat closed up anyway as a spear swung within a few inches of my face. I turned my head to the side and clenched my eyes shut, as if such a gesture would magically transport me away from here, away from them.

When I opened my eyes, it was quiet again, save for the chirp of the night bugs all around me. Craning my neck in this direction had put the moons directly in my line of sight through a gap in the tangle of almost bare branches. They were both full and bright now, a sight that I looked forward to every month. The larger one sat stoic and confident in its position as the majority favorite, but I’d always been fascinated by the smaller of the two. I watched it for a few seconds, silver white, glowing, randomly sparkling.

They all laughed and poked fun when I’d theorized about there being a pattern to the blinking lights. Maybe they were right. Or maybe I was the only one looking for order in the midst of chaos.

2 thoughts on “Write Something Wednesday

  1. Sounds very interesting. Are you in the jungle with a spear throwing tribe after you … discovered by them as you looked for UFO’s? OR were you dreaming?

  2. Not a jungle, and the others aren’t after the “I”, really. This is just a drabble I whipped up based on a post-apocalyptic sci-fi idea Matt had that we are thinking of co-writing together.

    To actually answer your questions, though, I imagine it as a forest here in our general area, and the hunters are actually hunting food. Not sure why the MC is out there at night, or why it would be forbidden enough for him/her to be scared of being caught, but that’s just what came out.

    I’m about to edit it a bit, though. I forgot that there are supposed to be two moons.

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