Write Something Wednesday

Another bit I wrote recently for my novella WIP. It’s from a chapter told from the seventeen-year-old boy’s point of view, so I’m not sure I have the feel quite right, but it’s being vetted by several real live teenage guys at the moment. I’m hoping they come back telling me that I’m not too far off the mark!

Anyway, if you happen to have any insight into the mind of a seventeen-year-old male (or not, I’m not picky), please feel free to let me know what you think :)

I was drunk. So, so drunk. It was dark now, and the fire was so bright. It reminded me of her hair in the sun. I wondered what she’d look like with red hair, but decided that would just be weird.

Dylan was playing his guitar, an acoustic version of an old Beastie Boys song maybe? I couldn’t tell. We tried to sing, but we were all so wasted that there were no actual words being formed. Cass and Amber stood in front of me dancing all over each other. I’d never seen girls touch other girls like that before, except on the Internet.

“Oh my god, I’m so hot,” Cass said, reaching to the ground for her drink and almost tripping to the side. She half fell, half sat, next to me, and I could smell her perfume again. She gulped down what was left of her bottle of hard lemonade, looked at me, and pulled her shirt off over her head, never moving her eyes. No one else seemed to notice.

Not knowing what to do, I looked up at the sky, framed by the trees that circled the clearing we were in. Two stars were all I could find, and I watched as they spun. I wondered if Maye was asleep.

Cass had my hand again, and when I looked down from the stars, I saw that she was naked. She pulled me to my feet. I almost fell right onto her, but she steadied me as best she could, then moved to the hem of my shirt and started to pull it off. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t stop laughing.

“C’mon,” she said as she ran my hand up her belly to her chest. She felt tight and soft, and nice to touch, despite being who she was. I wondered if that’s how Maye’s body felt. “Come with me.”

I was still laughing as she led me toward the water, cold and shallow, rushing around hard rocks. Cass slid down to untie the gray Chucks Maye had given me last Christmas, and I held onto her to keep myself upright. I kicked them off somewhere in the bushes.

She put my hands up on her bony shoulders as she waded us both into the river. I could hear our friends yelling and laughing, encouraging us on with loud howls that seemed to echo off of the mountains from every direction. The water was shockingly chilly for summertime, and Cass jumped shrieking into my arms once we reached waist deep. I could still smell her perfume, and my head started spinning again when she grabbed me by the nape of the neck and kissed me.

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