The State of Things

Let’s begin with the fact that I feel as if I have nothing to write about, but that I needed to post something to acknowledge the changes to the blog. First, you might notice the new look. It’s a new theme and I had limited design options, which leads me to the second change, the move to hosting. The truth is that I am a horribly lazy blogger, and thought that maybe the social aspect of being part of the network might motivate me to put a little more effort into this endeavor. So, motivate me, guys! And last but not least, there’s also the blog title change, which comes courtesy of an episode of Start Trek: The Next Generation (don’t hate) called “Q Who”. The original line was Picard accusing Q of being “next of kin to chaos,” but I found out there is a song by Napalm Death bearing the title, so I shortened it for my purposes.

Things are moving along on the writing front. I feel very close to receiving some news on my novella that is out with an editor right now after several rounds of back and forth discussions about requested revisions. Of course I will post about that as soon as I hear anything concrete. I also believe that I am approaching the “great swampy middle” of my PNR-ish novel WIP, though it’s feeling pretty exciting to me, because the shit has now been pitched in the direction of the fan. I actually just had the thought that I need to add some sort of word count thingie here. If all goes well, my weekly goal is 5,000 words. As it stands right now I’m at 27,237 words with 9 of 21 projected chapters written. The goal is 50k, which is kinda sorta in the neighborhood of the length the gatekeepers of the publishing world want to see, and it looks at the moment like I will be exceeding that, so yay!

Other than that, Christmas is literally in the air. Seriously y’all, my house smells like a pine forest. We bought and installed the tree last night, and it’s a nice one this year, if I do say so myself. I’ve already tweeted a photo of it naked (tree nudity, *gasp*), so be sure to check that out…if you like that sort of thing, you sick bastards. Signing off for now, be back when I have something interesting to post :)

9 thoughts on “The State of Things

  1. You scoff, but I am sure there are some for whom tree nudity works (or offends). Not the right kind to do much for me, mind you…

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