Why Hello There

It was your job to make me post. Why didn’t you do your job? Yes, you…right there. I’m pointing at you.

Lots going on lately, but I’m finally settling back into life and feeling ready to write again. There was just no room in my brain for the muse for a few months. Then a couple of weeks ago, I dusted off her little chaise lounge (because muses love a chaise lounge, you know), made her an enticing meal of chocolate covered strawberries and champagne, and we got down to…well, let’s just leave it at this: look forward to a new WIP Wednesday post this coming week :)




4 thoughts on “Why Hello There

    • Thanks! She was, uh…orgasmically happy and willing to give me whatever I wanted at that point. I highly recommend treating the muse every so often ;)

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