So a Writer Walks Into a Bar…

…and orders a magnum of champagne* because SHE SIGNED A PUBLISHING CONTRACT!

That’s right, the little novella that was pretty much publisher Kryptonite for the longest time has found a home! Evernight Teen, Evernight Publishing’s fairly new YA imprint, was crazy enough to take my hot mess of a story on, and they want YOU to read it when it comes out in October.

Don’t make them come after you.

* Except not, because I can’t afford to go to a bar. Actual celebration may include a box of wine and a bacon cheeseburger.


4 thoughts on “So a Writer Walks Into a Bar…

    • Aw, I feel honored :D

      And I know I should, but I just never feel like I have anything of substance to say. Most of what I talk about is pure nonsense, so the logical venue for it is Twitter, lol.

      • lol I know what you mean, it took me a while to figure out what I’d put on if I started a blog, then I just figured I’d start with my old poems and old journal excerpts. Now I have my new poetry being written and Wall Grimm, so it was an accident lol

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