Name: Ashley Heckman
DOB: March 12, 1979 (I like Amazon gift cards :P)
Current occupation: Mom, hotel front desk agent
Internet alias: “justbishop” (a.k.a. jb). Apparently there’s a DJ or rapper or something going by the same now, though

Mommy to the spawn, Claudia.
Random talents include acoustic guitar, web design, and arrogant fearlessness.


  • Author: Anne Rice
  • Beverage: Dark roast coffee, water, Coca-Cola, WINE
  • TV Shows: Today, Mythbusters, Star Trek TNG, Archer
  • Pro Sport: Hockey
  • Mac or PC: PC fo’ shizzle
  • iPhone or Android: Android
  • Guilty Pleasure Food: Cheeseburger Mac Hamburger Helper

Why A Blog?

Honestly, I have no good answer to this question, other than all of the cool writer kids seem to be doing it. Sorry to disappoint.

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