I love keeping in touch and making new friends! I’m kinda socially awkward in the real world, so I enjoy interacting online, haha.  Feel free to contact me by leaving a comment on any of my blog posts, or via the following off-site methods.

Email: ashheckman at gmail dot com

Twitter: @justbishop
I’m addicted to Twitter and am pretty open to adding people who interact with me there, as long as they aren’t spammy and I’m interested in what they have to say, so this is likely your best bet.

Skype: justbishop
I do some text IMing here, but only add people I’ve met and gotten to know elsewhere online. 

Facebook: Ashley Heckman
I rarely check Facebook, and generally only add family and people I know personally.

Google+: Ashley Heckman
Eh. It’s there.

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